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Hello my veggie garden friends!

This is NOT all the pics I have. If you're looking for a picture of something...a particular insect or a vegetable... I'd give myself a good 70% chance of having a shot or 2 in the vault. pls don't hesitate to shoot me an email at [email protected].

Images can be downloaded by hitting "Select Photos" (to the top right, just under the header). You may have as many as you like to used for anything MGPW related. :0) I'm so happy to be able to help in this way!!

Also, if you're wanting to alter/crop an image, it's better that I do it from the original image (a RAW file, managed by Lightroom and upwards of 20MB), to preserve image quality. I'm happy to do it for you - I can crop images to specific sizes, zoom in further (to a point), or brighten image exposure very easily.