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Hi everyone! Welcome back! I'm getting myself all geared up for another great season! I have my eye on some new locations this spring and I can't wait to take you to see them. Talk to you soon!! :0)
Amy Bonner
Kim this site is wonderful! I love that some of our wedding pics made the cut. Most of our favorite shots of that day are yours, rather than the "official" photographer shots. Can't wait until we have another excuse to have you take our pictures!
Richard Harris
Ok. Checked out the whole site. Will be able to complete the check out process when we do our shoot. Great job. Might get your help when I create a site for my business.
Richard Harris(non-registered)
So far awesome! Will love to see our photos up sometime this summer.
I can't wait for our photo shoot in May! Great job, Kim!
Ingrid Freitas-Catley(non-registered)
The Website Looks Awesome Kim! It's Very User Friendly On The Phone! The Pictures Are AWESOME! Good Luck, Not That You Need It!
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Here you may leave me any little messages you like! Please let me know how you're enjoying the new website and if there's anything you think I might have left out. Thanks for visiting and come back soon! :0)
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