In 2010, I recognized a love of photography as going further than just my (adorable!) children and family. As I stayed home and raised my children, I took a good eye and an artistic personality and began learning about aperture and shutter speed and all those lovely little technicals that it takes to actually produce the pictures that I see in my head. I then took those pretty pictures, matched them with some photo editing know-how and the kindness of family friends willing to let me take pictures and BOOM! justKim photography was born!


I put my heart into every picture I take and every edit I make. My family shoots are exciting and special and frequently come with gifted seeds/plants!! Let me show you why you're going to keep coming back to justKim for your photography needs in the years to come.

The BIG Vision... a little photography studio surrounded by a big beautiful garden. Gardening is a huge part of my life and you should all expect to see that aspect of my business grow.  :0)


Update, (2016): justKim photography in not currently accepting new clients. But the garden is under construction! :0) Thank you for your interest and please stay tuned for whatever tomorrow may bring...


Update, (Nov. 2019): justKim has landed the garden of her dreams! Please look forward to seeing all the fun native plants and critters that our little corner of Haymarket, VA has to offer!