I began really studying photography in 2011 at the encouragement of my older brother, (one of the greatest influences of my life, whether he knows it or not). As I stayed home and raised my children, I took a good eye and an artistic personality and began learning about aperture and shutter speed and ISO and all those lovely little technicals that it takes to actually produce the pictures that I see in my head. I then took the pretty shots and matched them with the editing software know-how and the kindness of friends willing to let me take pictures and BOOM! justkim Photography has been born!

The Vision is...

...a little photography studio surrounded by a big beautiful garden. Gardening is a huge part of my life and you should all expect to see that aspect of the business grow….  :0)



More about me? Hmmmm...

i generally prefer to be barefoot.
i really really love to watch things grow.
i get completely and unrealistically excited by thunderstorms.
i do believe that there is still magic in the world.

i love the smell of the air after it rains.
i still have faith in the goodness of people.
i love love love chocolate cake.
i BELIEVE in good. long. hugs.

i just know. that with enough love and compassion, we can fix everything.